schreibtnix on'n off: "I'd better swim!" / "Ich schwimm' mal ne Runde!"
schreibtnix on'n off: "Es liegt was in der Luft ...!" / "There's something in the air!"
Alexandra Rudge.COVID-19, be safe!: Black-crowned Night Heron.
Frans.Sellies: An adult male Amethyst starling, photographed in Jurong bird park, Singapore
Frans.Sellies: Purple starling (Lamprotornis purpureus)
Frans.Sellies: Sclater's crowned pigeon (Goura sclaterii) , Jurong bird park, Singapore
Vittorio Ricci (thanks for 5.2 millions views): Tanzania, Hildebrandt's starling
barrygostinskie: A little visiter
Frans.Sellies: Great hornbill (male) in flight
Anja Jongejan: At the end of the day
Formoamandme: White Bellied Sea- Eagle
Trev 'Big T': preening
Trev 'Big T': deep in thought
Frans.Sellies: Taveta Golden Weaver ( Ploceus castaneiceps)
HGHjim: Golden Pheasant - Chrysolophus pictus
Trev 'Big T': Concentration
Frans.Sellies: Blue-tailed bee-eaters (Merops philippinus), Singapore
Trev 'Big T': A strange resemblence
Trev 'Big T': Cheeky Peacock
Vittorio Ricci (thanks for 5.2 millions views): Norway, don't miss the chance
8pl: Приморский Сафари-парк - 17