PSHiggins: A setting sun over Appledore, North Devon
James_82: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
PSHiggins: Devon knows how beautiful it is
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Hartland Quay, North Devon
James_82: Off the beaten track
The Terry Eve Archive: Cat Bells & Black Sheep_4366
James_82: The quintessential seaside town
James_82: Steeped in beauty
The Terry Eve Archive: Hi Key Eroded Groynes_2065
The Terry Eve Archive: Formerly the Sea Mack_2039 BW
Christian Hacker: Silent Siren
JenJens68: Hartland Quay
Andrew Boxall: Early morning at the lone tree
Andrew Boxall: Sunrise at Clovelly
lee dawe photography: River Torridge weir
The Terry Eve Archive: Cairngorm Plateau
The Terry Eve Archive: Rainbows on a Distant Shore_L7Q0748
The Terry Eve Archive: Infrared Tornichelt_8412
ClareSymonds: Beautiful North Devon
ClareSymonds: Beautiful North Devon
ClareSymonds: I'll never tire of this view! Abbotsham Cliffs, South West Coastal Path
Andrew Boxall: Quiet Clovelly
Sean Carden: Partially eclipsed sunset at Hartland.
Sean Carden: Hartland Folly and Lundy Island
ClareSymonds: Evening light
Shazand's Pics: Devon sky
NCExplore: Devon Blackchurch Rock, Hartland Quay
Christian Hacker: Combe Martin Noir