spelio: Mary's spice drawer....
spelio: Cleaning the cobwebs from the skylight!
spelio: Went shopping at our new Woolies in Gungahlin.
spelio: Reading for Green Patch in Feb "A book about Hope".
spelio: our new visitor comes indoors
spelio: crawling over my old sneakers, and Crocs!!
spelio: getting ready to go camping again
spelio: Organic lizard
spelio: Better homes and a vegie patch...
spelio: the lizard checks the garden mags
spelio: Now to retreat
spelio: What can I smell here
spelio: Found a well shrivelled Pink Lady apple in Angela
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◕raik: 27. September 2019-161
spelio: Thrupences and Xmas pudding
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spelio: Pears above the laundry door left behind by the previous owners.
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