anna edwards*: laundry day
leo.roos: All set for the Teddy Bear's Picnic
leo.roos: Wicker bokeh
anna edwards*: market day
sdttds: IMG_4069_Unpolished petrified wood slab
leo.roos: Kommer strax
anna edwards*: in the reed beds
anna edwards*: patterns in the sand
' m x b c h r: garage
anna edwards*: ombre tones
leo.roos: Art of shadows
leo.roos: Rusty remains
SoulRider.222: Tryon Creek State Park insect
sdttds: DSC_0428_Salsify seed head
mzwarthoed: From the series: "Like the heart of time"
David Farreny: XII.2015 — Hommage
sdttds: Buddy the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)
leo.roos: Rabbit
' m x b c h r: Carton d'emballage
David Farreny: V.2020 — At night
sdttds: DSC_0029_Shaggy mushroom
leo.roos: Layers
piktorio: bird in a den in a tree
mzwarthoed: From the series: "Like the heart of time"
leo.roos: Microwave dinner
David Farreny: V.2016 — Lancerotte, 59
leo.roos: Sleeping beauty