bekumarnié: Declive
jeanfenechpictures: Notre Dame
Ro Cafe: An afternoon in the garden
IndiaAmarii: Thereafter/BVN Photo Contest – IndiaAmari Resident
loraine.french57: China Roses
Philip L Hinton A.R.P.S.: Bathed in candlelight
florence.V: Thirona, déesse des sources et rivières
bekumarnié: "Proud" Torres más altas se han visto caer.
vittorio.chiampan: The Abbey ruins
Cristian CN: IMG_0087
@ufospain ◀Follow me Instagram: Fall in love with summer 1
oh.suzannah: Shadows on the wall...
PEA 2015: Summer Garden Dreams.
odinvadim: Wildflowers.
boeckli (On Vacation ⛴): Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do. (Michel de Montaigne) ** Explored **
Esteban De Sousa: Guantánamo.CUBA.
PEA 2015: Sweet Dreams
Cristian CN: IMG_0220
odinvadim: Meeting on the bridge.
vittorio.chiampan: Country house
mamietherese1: My favorite summer flower
vittorio.chiampan: Winter on the lake
Del Hoffman-Thx 27,260,000 Views: Amsterdam Fuji XT 2 7965
@ufospain ◀Follow me Instagram: Niagara Falls Canada
odinvadim: Meeting on the bridge.