chai*: bonus of the day: meeting this little one
chai*: fall in love with bright colorful bokeh again
Days of love: ortensia text
chai*: "she never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice. It was supposed to make you feel something."
Mehlum Sadriwala: | Muhammad |
krazykrayons: October is all about pink...
Syed Hamza Hassan: Shakar - Kandi
Syed Hamza Hassan: Black and White
Llau.S: Time
Llau.S: Time
Llau.S: Time
krazykrayons: Vintage romance..
Connie Etter Photography: Soft and Pretty~
Connie Etter Photography: Sunday Playday~
Mehlum Sadriwala: Photo © Mehlum Sadriwala. | 2013
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