auntneecey: vote by snail mail
Studio d'Xavier: A Diagram Sinister
Studio d'Xavier: Sin = Death
Studio d'Xavier: Pandemic
auntneecey: you must be present to win
auntneecey: there is nothing like a dream to create the future
auntneecey: good things are going to happen
auntneecey: be amazed
auntneecey: when you know better, do better
auntneecey: great things take time
auntneecey: live simply... give generously
auntneecey: hold on tight...
auntneecey: embrace beautiful chaos
auntneecey: sometimes you have to take chances
auntneecey: make it count
auntneecey: fall in love with as many things as possible
auntneecey: there is beauty in simplicity
Studio d'Xavier: Department of Interior National Registry
Studio d'Xavier: Place de La Baume Plaque
Studio d'Xavier: Signs of Rain
auntneecey: be original
auntneecey: and so the adventure begins
auntneecey: stay curious
auntneecey: remember to play
Studio d'Xavier: Self Portrait with Smoked Boudin on Blue
auntneecey: give out what you most want to come back
auntneecey: make it happen
auntneecey: it's the little things that make life big
auntneecey: live each day with grace and authenticity