auntneecey: if you're lucky enough to be different, never change
auntneecey: the impossible is often the untried
auntneecey: always take the scenic route
auntneecey: everything has beauty
auntneecey: look on the bright side
auntneecey: you are capable...
auntneecey: trust your crazy ideas
auntneecey: stronger than yesterday
auntneecey: embrace the journey
auntneecey: what seems ordinary is often extraordinary
auntneecey: live gently upon this earth
auntneecey: stay strong
auntneecey: never give up
auntneecey: shine like the whole universe in yours
auntneecey: you can do anything but not everything
auntneecey: with brave wings she flies
auntneecey: no journey is too great if you find what you seek
auntneecey: do more than exist
auntneecey: hold on tight to your dreams
auntneecey: today is a good day
auntneecey: come what may
auntneecey: keep moving forward
auntneecey: leave a little sparkle wherever you go
auntneecey: hold tight and pretend it's a plan
auntneecey: be fearless
auntneecey: out of limitations comes creativity
auntneecey: when nothing is sure, everything is possible
auntneecey: focus on what's important
auntneecey: you are capable of becoming more than you realize
*M-C1*: Day 32 April 16th 2020 Stir crazy