Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Meerkat in mono. (IMG_4097)
Tim Noonan: Street Numbers
Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Natalia B. (9N9A3500)
R E M I B R I D O T: 711foret de montmorency
Lux®: Clifton Heritage Park
Lux®: Hoh rain forest
MouradianR :): for my dear Alda
tutincommon: P1090638
Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Scottish soldiers, WW1. (re enactors). (IMG_3550)
Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Purple bowl with fruit.
Lux®: Portmeirion
Lux®: Guitar solo on Junkanoo Beach!
Lux®: Sandy Toes
Lux®: Clifton Heritage Park
R E M I B R I D O T: 7413bretagne-virage
Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Heritage Centre, Motherwell.
R E M I B R I D O T: 2822val d'oise
R E M I B R I D O T: 7853bretagne
R E M I B R I D O T: 7984bretagne-n&b
sisyphus007: The Library
ibzsierra: Ventanal
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