-JRL- Photo's: N.N. 1025
-JRL- Photo's: Round the Corner
-JRL- Photo's: Nearing the End
-JRL- Photo's: Engine 109
-JRL- Photo's: Engine 93's Badge
-JRL- Photo's: Coal Tender Up Close
-JRL- Photo's: 269A0125-2
-JRL- Photo's: Snow Train
-JRL- Photo's: 93 Heading Home
-JRL- Photo's: Releasing the Brakes
-JRL- Photo's: Blow Down at East Eli
-JRL- Photo's: Man at Work
-JRL- Photo's: Blue Hour
-JRL- Photo's: Almost Modern
-JRL- Photo's: NNRY official badge
-JRL- Photo's: Last Rays
Kurt Lawson: At the End of the Day
-JRL- Photo's: #40's Badge
-JRL- Photo's: Safety is Black & White
-JRL- Photo's: Out of the Tunnel
-JRL- Photo's: Back in Time
-JRL- Photo's: Safety First
-JRL- Photo's: #93 & #40 Waking Up
-JRL- Photo's: Working Steam Shovel
Kurt Lawson: Portrait of Dirt
Kurt Lawson: The Race Is On
Kurt Lawson: Full Steam Ahead
Kurt Lawson: 93 Emerges