Karen_Chappell: Light and Dark
Eat With Your Eyez: It's ALL about the rear end
Karen_Chappell: Beautiful Patterns
Karen_Chappell: Patterns & Light
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Karen_Chappell: Colourful Swizzles
Karen_Chappell: Lines of Green & Blue
Anavicor: MM_Danger, baby, glass
kzzzkc: 070619-492F
kzzzkc: 070619-493F
Karen_Chappell: Colourful Orbs
Karen_Chappell: Dots & Lines
kzzzkc: 070419-377F
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birdsetcetera: The Multicolored Beauty
Karen_Chappell: Mardi Gras
grannie annie taggs: Through the window...............
With Nicole: Collecting light and reflections. Sculpture by Yorgos Papadopoulos.
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