Elisabeth patchwork: glowing glass
monon738: Let it Snow
Karen_Chappell: Crescent
TiP-TO: lids
M Coopwood: T3A1157-1_SubtleSharpen_pe-1
Karen_Chappell: Light Swirls
M Coopwood: T3A1107-1_DenoiseSharpen_pe-1
Karen_Chappell: Bubbly Glasses
Hoglands: Glass Slipper - Hmmm...Now where did I leave the other one...! :-)
Elisabeth patchwork: reflections
Elisabeth patchwork: abstract art
Elisabeth patchwork: evening light
M Coopwood: T3A7595-1_SubtleSharp_pe-1
monon738: 49th Mid-Ohio Springfield Insulator Show Top Display
M Coopwood: T3A9830-1_SmrtPopwNoiseCntrl_pe-1
bag_lady: Cathedral window - France 2019
msdonnalee: glass garden
wos---art: 20191101_210936 Hoflaterne
Hoglands: "Orange" Glass Vase - Looking close...on Friday!
bag_lady: Stained glass - France 2019
wos---art: 20191019_180341 Bierverköstiging in der Rügener Insel Brauerei
M Coopwood: Make it a double!
M Coopwood: T3A0437-1_SketchyWatercolor_pe-1
M Coopwood: T3A0388-1_WhiteBorder_pe-1
M Coopwood: Pink Ladies
wos---art: 20191016_173451 BernsteinEichhörnchen
Eat With Your Eyez: A look into my crystal ball
msdonnalee: art glass detail