gabi-h: The Farm
gabi-h: Two Bikes in the Snow
gabi-h: School Days
Basildon Kitchens: Sept 29 cloudy-purple
Doug McGr: Country Road
Doug McGr: Another Colourful Autumn Sky at Dusk
johnchambers8: Picton Harbour
Doug McGr: Evening Settles In
Paul B Jones: Wilding Apple Tree | Prince Edward County
Doug McGr: Sunrise
Doug McGr: Autumnal Moon Rise over the Creek
Paul B Jones: Northern Saw-whet Owl | Aegolius acadicus | Petite Nyctale at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
ian_taylor_photography: kid with a snake
RG Rutkay: West End of West Lake
jmaxtours: Polyphemus Moth
Doug McGr: A Day of Magnificent Clouds
Paul Lantz: lr_2L0A0148_20210925_0656
ian_taylor_photography: Sandbanks Provincial Park
Wayne the sailor: Hay Bay - sunset from the boat
Doug McGr: Summer Fades to Yellow
Dan, Danny and Daniel LaFrance: Swainson's Thrush (C-1172)
Doug McGr: Harvest Moon over the Marsh
Doug McGr: Flowers in the Pond
vaneramos: Abandoned farmhouse, Prince Edward County
ian_taylor_photography: Ross Barn, Wellington, ON
Sandbanks Pro: La Terrasse De La Cantine, 2018 08 26 12:51.02
Wayne the sailor: Hay Bay - sunset looking towards Long Reach
Doug McGr: Lake Ontario Shore and Sunrise
Doug McGr: It's all uphill from here