avocet1989: 91119 racing north through the pouring rain at Hougham Lincolnshire with 1S13 1100 Kings Cross to Edinburgh on January 14th 2020
tinsley.tmd.41a: 47509 19/4/90
tinsley.tmd.41a: 08822 St Phillips Marsh pilot.
trev9777: 90003 Euston
trev9777: 90001 Euston
trev9777: 47830 & 47846 Acton main line
trev9777: 47813 Crewe
trev9777: 47805 Sheffield
trev9777: 47804 Acton main line yard
trev9777: 47802 Stratford
that petrol emotion: Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year (HST Farewell, Insch)
that petrol emotion: HST Farewell, Perth
that petrol emotion: HST Farewell, Perth
simonstrains: 47828 Old Oak Common
trev9777: 87007 City of Manchester, Euston
jester1234: Langley Moor in winter sun.
trev9777: 86208 City of Chester, Kings cross
trev9777: 86245 Blechly, Dudley castle
trev9777: 86259 Greater Manchester The life and sole of Britain, London Euston
trev9777: 86238 The European Community, Stratford
Sparegang: 86421 "London School of Economics"
73A Photo: Eardington Bank
Sparegang: 87006 "City of Glasgow"
Sparegang: 86428 "Aldaniti"
Sparegang: M12050
Sparegang: 87002 "Royal Sovereign"
Sparegang: 86242 "James Kennedy G.C."
Sparegang: 86419
73A Photo: 91119 Mirrors
Thirty Seven 401: Locomotive Services Limited (LSL) Class 47 47614 & 47841 "The Institution of Mechanical Engineers" Crewe Diesel Depot