knightbefore_99: Once Upon a Time in the West
knightbefore_99: Head to Butt
knightbefore_99: Two plus One
knightbefore_99: The Drummer
r.a. paterson: canoe atop an SUV
waledro: Playing With Fire
Ivan Antoniw: vintage crusin' in the kootenay
knightbefore_99: Ibanez Guitar
knightbefore_99: Tap Tap Tap
knightbefore_99: The Dog knows Better
Bhlubarber: The top top
r.a. paterson: kayak atop an SUV
Warp Factor: Barn Swallows Nesting
knightbefore_99: Pandan Chicken
knightbefore_99: Baby Pit Bull
Treasures from the Past: c. 1908 (#102,902) Black & White Valentine & Sons Postcard - View of Government Street, Looking South, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
r.a. paterson: landscape detail (park the boat)
Treasures from the Past: 1928 Calder Photo Postcard - May Queen and her Maids of Honour at the Annual May Day Celebration at White Rock, B.C. May 24th 1928
professional recreationalist: Beautiful BC: East Sooke Beach
Sonika Arora 604: Happy birthday to my King! 🎈Missing you every second, daddio! Hope you’re enjoying your special day upstairs with gramps! We’re celebrating you down here and hope you’re smiling down at us. RIP Dad • ❤️
knightbefore_99: Pro in Action
knightbefore_99: Dumb and Dumber
r.a. paterson: landscape detail (boat in the back yard)
Troy Colautti: Wilson Falls
Warp Factor: Gooses in a Row
knightbefore_99: Fat Bottomed Texter
Ivan Antoniw: iced tea
Ivan Antoniw: decommissioned
r.a. paterson: landscape detail (boat in the driveway)