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dandij, 180,000+ views, Thank you for looking.: Lassall bush flowers DSC04780 (1)
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Swallowtail Garden Seeds: 'Mesa Red' Gaillardia brings intense red color to a garden quickly and blooms over a long season, all the way until first frost.
john dyble: Crocus Stigma microscope -1
Lynx_Austriacus: Colour for your day
John Lawrence 438: Yellow Dahlia
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Greg Reed 54: Goat's-Beard II
Greg Reed 54: White fringed Red Galdiolus
Greg Reed 54: White Asiatic Lily with yellow strip
millicand@rocketmail.com: Red Flower, National Arboretum, Washington, District Of Columbia, United States Of America.
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MustangRosie: The first blooms in my winter