spurs352002: Cardiff Central 19/7/19
Dave Wragg: 66787 passing through Mexborough with the 4Z81 Masborough to Felixstowe North, 18th July 2019.
Keith Wilko: Bahamas with the Welsh Marches Express
I C railway photo's: 66778 runs through Abbey Wood on the 6M79 12.01 Angerstein Wharf to Bardon Hill working on 21-6-19. Copyright Ian Cuthbertson
A Ministerial View: 70814 heads south with the aromatic 6J37
Andrew E Harrison: Made In Lancashire
Andrew E Harrison: Watering Bluebell
Crewcastrian: BR Ex Class 24 TDB968009, Worcester Shrub Hill
Mr Joseph Bloggs: 307, Clewiston FL, 3 Feb 2019
Trams aux fils (Alain GAVILLET): Trains des T.P.C. ligne de l'A.S.D. (Suisse)
Trams aux fils (Alain GAVILLET): Trains des T.P.C. ligne du B.V.B. (Suisse)
TonyM1956: Union Pacific ALCO 4-8-8-4 (Big Boy) 4014, Messabi Junction - Duluth MN USA, 07/19/19
Fototak: 2019-07-19, CFF/SNCF, Annemasse
Fototak: 2019-07-19, CFF, Chêne-Bourg
PowerPhoto.co.uk: 20190706_IMG_7706
Neil Pulling: Wymondham, Norfolk
lionel682: And we're off
Yardbrush: Evening RAF
lionel682: Mason Class A Climax
Fábio-Pires: Takargo 6007 | Vila Nova
R Szwejkowski: Coventry area 31 85101300691
mark.latham@ymail.com: With the sun beginning to set, 60085 'Adept' really begins to throw the decibels out across the fields as the powerhouse approaches Church Fenton heading the 6H55 Tyne Docks to Drax on the 18th July '19.