asiadsb: Cat in the bag....soon “cat out of the bag” !
asiadsb: Coffee time On the phone!
asiadsb: On the dock of the bay!
asiadsb: Haircut time
asiadsb: Fairies wings IMG_7567-3
asiadsb: Breakfast for Birdie!
harish_sundararaman: Mountains & clouds
allen.mark45: Fermanagh 2019
allen.mark45: Fermanagh 2019 La Mauricie
harish_sundararaman: A night shot
harish_sundararaman: Welcome evening La Loire
harish_sundararaman: When in company, one thinks & the other yawns Parc Jacques Cartier
harish_sundararaman: In deep thoughts Lightnings in the thunder Iceland new taste
allen.mark45: Derry City, June 2019
allen.mark45: Derry City, June 2019
harish_sundararaman: First attempt at (so called) Macro... Berthier by the sunset on Saint-Laurent Van Ende Garden, Québec Sunset in Iceland
allen.mark45: Armagh Palace Demesne & Public Park