surfcaster9: Pine Log
sunspotimages: Into the Yellow 3-0 F LR 10-12-19 J366
kevin-64: Granddaughter Dotty
George Kurzik: Rainy (IR)
surlesailesdumonde: pêcheurs du Sri Lanka
douglas pike: Crumlin Road Goal
Cybershiner: Santa Clause - Cake Dish - 14 Inches Across
Verde River: 12032019000036415
sunspotimages: Red Tailed Hawk 3-0 F LR 11-10-19 J089
Cybershiner: Glass Platter - 15.5 Inches wide
laurie.mccarty: 810_5908. Tiger Swallowtail
Verde River: 12082019000036950
thethi: pls read my first comment, tks: 110509 jc 191107 © Théthi
olwynam1: Meadow Brown Butterfly
surfcaster9: Branch
scorpion (13): Puppet on a string
Cybershiner: Clear Glass Serving Platter - 14 Inches Across
kevin-64: Riviera bay Brixham Devon
douglas pike: McCaigs tower from the inside
Verde River: 12062019000036701
Lynn English: Autumns' Beauty
surfcaster9: The Lowest Part
douglas pike: the Royal place setting
kevin-64: Bird of prey
Cybershiner: Clear Glass Serving Dish - 11 Inches Across
D.Foe: 436
Seamus Iain: Jess on Gress beach.