T A U F I K: Canon Top Twin
T A U F I K: Hello Expired Film
T A U F I K: Hello Expired Film
T A U F I K: Mamiya M645J
T A U F I K: Mamiya ZE-2
stowupland: Edited with Avairy - Dads Photo
stowupland: Portrait
stowupland: Portrait
stowupland: Green Lane Power Station Walsall
stowupland: Panorama - London Piccadilly Circus 1958 Night Scene - Kodak Retinette IIb - Blue Tint
Enric Martinez: Interstices 17
Enric Martinez: Interstices 18
Robin Dude: Friendship of the boundless kind
khai_nomore: Dreamy Urban Playground
Enric Martinez: Swans in Amsterdam
Enric Martinez: Interior of the Irish Pub 'Molly Malone' in Asmterdam
William Keckler: Wing and Slave
Enric Martinez: 2012_feb_kodak_Scan-120222-0011.jpg
Enric Martinez: 2012_feb_kodak_Scan-120221-0015.jpg
Enric Martinez: 2012_feb_kodak_Scan-120221-0016.jpg
khai_nomore: Buying fruits
khai_nomore: Early set up
spehrman: Lonaconing Double Exposure
spehrman: Amongst the Brushes and Jets!
spehrman: Bill's Corner not quite full frame
spehrman: Harbaugh's Greenhouse
Enric Martinez: Schiphol
Enric Martinez: Danwood, "Citizen Cat"
gmayster01 on & off ...: " Almost Blue "