midnightstar57: Misty moorings.
Snapshotography: 'American Reflections' Corvette Stingray,classic sportscar,Brands Hatch,Kent.
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Thorbeckegracht
JakeFanPhotography: a paddle of ducks-1-2
JakeFanPhotography: a paddle of ducks-1
DerAblichter: North Sea - Schillig
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Thorbeckegracht
Heathpics: Colour in the Lane
Besnik Mehmed: Harvest
JakeFanPhotography: Don't wake me up
Urbamaker: Verticalités (Saint-Nazaire - France)
Urbamaker: Bilbao-Musée Guggenheim-Reflet
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Verhalenboot & Pelsertoren (explored)
l i v e l t r a: Quiet on the Surface
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, 't Pannenkoekschip
Snapshotography: 'Ferrari Reflections' 355 F1 Spyder supercar,Piazza Italia,Horsham,Sussex.
Snapshotography: 'BMW Profiles' IMSA,classic,race car,Goodwood Members Meeting.
elwoodnickerson: DOWNTOWN San Diego
elwoodnickerson: DOWNTOWN San Diego
JMS2: Lake View
StockCarPete: UP & RUNNING
hrschaer: House on the Lake
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Thorbeckegracht
Snapshotography: 'Ferrari Reflections' F40 classic super/race Car,Ferrari Museum,Modena.
kjc6008: Reflections
Traud: IMG_4040 Oktober: Spiegelung / Reflection
Traud: P1060381 Februar: Ice Reflection / Eisspiegelung
JMS2: Harbor Dawn
grahamwilletts: 'Reflecting' @ Salisbury Cathedral