Wim van de Meerendonk, loving nature: Flower meadows (in Explore 26-06-2020)
Thomas Retterath: Walking the Delta
excellentzebu1050: Little Confidential
Mobile Lynn: Great Spotted Woodpecker 850_3874.jpg
Mike Atkinson Photography: Great Spotted Woodpecker At Low Barns (2).
ZazaLake: Watchmakers
Brenda Boisvert: Lisianthus
Paul McGoveran: Common Goldeneye(F) 1566
AllHarts: Orange-crowned Warbler
.^.Blanksy: all the things I thought I could not live without
odell_rd: Precious or dangerous maybe???
judy dean: A Grand Tree
Linda Martin Photography: Dancing on ice!
Rourkeor: Robin in park
Ciminus: Parus major (Great tit).
jchau1731: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”
ronmcbride66: I wish, I wish ...
williamwalton001: Happy Couple(UK)
Alvaro Colombo: Cicogna bianca / Ciconia ciconia / white stork
Brian Calder: Great Grey Shrike
Helene Bassaraba: _MG_6900-1
George Ino: Noblesse oblige 816
john47kent: Duck at Cockington, Devon
ricketdi: Green-winged Teal male / Sarcelle d'hiver mâle ( Richard )
sh@ron0 (no ️fav without com): Frost on a Thermal Pane Window
Hottentotfig: Ever decreasing circles
Bob.W: Lake Vyrnwy
Mobile Lynn: Arctic Tern 503_4328.jpg
Carla@: passeggiando in campagna