Florian106: McGrawGraben 1
Laurence's Pictures: Kansas City Missouri River bridge I-29
Hindrik S: Mini Meatballs
Maria Iardino: Colpo d'occhio
Doc. Ing.: Nativity In Circles [Poffabro - 6 January 2019]
Aloneunderholder: Enumeration
Hindrik S: The Lonely Bicycle
Doc. Ing.: Piled [Valencia - 28 January 2019]
Doc. Ing.: Tinmen [Pontebba - 20 January 2019]
Doc. Ing.: Piggies [Klagenfurt - 16 December 2018]
merobson: Zig Zag
merobson: Twins
merobson: Wine Glass(es)
merobson: To The Tasting Room
merobson: The Wine Cave
merobson: Stacked Barrels
merobson: Ready For Wine
merobson: Barrels and Barrels
cannuccia: LETOJANNI - Sicilia
Doc. Ing.: Medlar [Rabat - 29 April 2018]
merobson: In The Tank
cannuccia: SCALE
Doc. Ing.: Majestic Corridor [Valletta - 28 April 2018]
Doc. Ing.: Breastplates [Valletta - 28 April 2018]
merobson: Waiting To Drop
merobson: Flowers
Laurence's Pictures: Track Gang - UP at Rochelle, IL
Hindrik S: Red and Green
cannuccia: CAPRI - Campania
Doc. Ing.: Cannons [Vittoriosa - 26 April 2018]