walter_g: Portsmouth North Church
walter_g: Applehurst Farm 9-26-19
adrian.veselu: Minolta 7s ii
adrian.veselu: The light
walter_g: House On A Hill_Afternoon Shower
walter_g: Portsmouth Waterfront From Pierce Island
walter_g: Commercial Pier_Portsmouth_9-25-19
walter_g: Farmstand With Cider Donuts
walter_g: Yeaton-Walsh House 1794
walter_g: Lobster House_Badger Island
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sadjeans: 000079270030
sadjeans: 000079270028
sadjeans: 000079270026
sadjeans: 000079270016
sadjeans: 000079270017
sadjeans: 000079270013
sadjeans: 000079270003
Jos Mecklenfeld: February sun
Jos Mecklenfeld: last sunflower
adrian.veselu: Bluelight in Nikiti
Jos Mecklenfeld: capture the wind
Jos Mecklenfeld: winter landscape
Jos Mecklenfeld: Febraury forest
Jos Mecklenfeld: Bourtange
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sadjeans: 000052350020
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