Christian Hermann Fotografie: Klimsenkapelle, Pilatus, Switzerland
Izakigur: My Switzerland . Our Switzerland . The Matterhorn at winter time,taken from the train to Gornergrat,No. 4153.
✵ΨᗩSᗰIᘉᗴ✵130 MILLIONS V: #String #macroMondays [EXPLORED 18/10/2020] - 8980
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Izakigur: Zurich Street Parade 2010. Eurostyle girl /96
Izakigur: Wellcome to Zurich Street Parade 2010 !-)(89)
the foreign photographer - ฝรั่งถ่: pretty preteen girl in her doorway
antefixus21: MAC visited the Montblanc writing instrument manufacturing facility in Hamburg Germany
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: The Golden Bulbophyllum. Bulbophyllum auratum. Long, purple inflorescence carries an umbel of fragrant flowers. Grows on mangrove trees in southeast Asia. Illustration by Sarah Ann Drake (1843)
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Christian Hermann Fotografie: Lago Ritòm, Ticino, Switzerland
快拍攝影工坊 (各類活動記錄): 學甲蜀葵花田 (145)
Viejito: Are You Over 21 Years Old?
Viejito: « Say Hi To My Wife! »
Izakigur: "Dessine moi un mouton, draw me a sheep", sheep and the Dom. Taken from the Schwarzsee, Zermatt. No. 2359.
Izakigur: Climbing up to the famous Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix, France). Alpinisites sur Les Aiguille du Midi. (France) No. 1287.
Angelika UA: Farmer's daughter
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