Mike Z: Ingersoll-Rand IMG_6681
Mike Z: From the second floor IMG_6680
Mike Z: Where the sun dont shine LV4A7672 i
Mike Z: Junction LV4A4981
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: P1080762 Abandoned Factory
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: PB190076 Wire Manufacture, Somerset Wire Company, Pengam Moors, Cardiff, Wales 1964
Torontáli Krisztián: A 3-as villamos a Határ úton
dmitrius48: Moscow City
dmitrius48: Рабочий/Worker
w.fowler56: DSCN2308-03
Mike Z: Wall still stands LV4A5057
Mike Z: Back of the boiler LV4A5022
Mike Z: Inspection Portal LV4A5020
EmperorNorton47: Marathon Motor Works
PAJ880: Holdup--Factory Wall
PAJ880: Platform
PAJ880: Warehouse and Yard
PAJ880: Shadow and Bricked-Up Factory Window
PAJ880: Triangular Factory Building and Station Platform copy
PAJ880: Factory Architecture--Early 1960s
daidai1217: 東邦亜鉛安中製錬所 工場夜景
PAJ880: Industrial Space
PAJ880: Former Factory Windows--Border St
Under The Dust: l'usine-8971
PAJ880: Factory Wall
PAJ880: Former Factory--Mono
Under The Dust: l'usine-8970
xaviergomezbusquets: Angular Sabadell steam factory Buixeda, Sabadell city