Gate Gustafson: Elsewhere... [after the boys of summer have gone]
Gate Gustafson: The typewriter's ball
Gate Gustafson: Good men [do not go gentle into that good night]
Noner Says: Audacity
Jennibellie: journal page in progress
Mixed Media Martyr: Alcohol inks again! The painted background was Atelier Permanent Sap Green dripped with Adirondack Watermelon Alcohol Ink and then dripped with Isopropyl Alcohol.
Jennibellie: Altered Book WIP
yet jeff: Wishing for a treat (or just a piece) is this little beast
yet jeff: Humming pink elephant? Maybe weird yet it feels relevant.
yet jeff: Else tribe fish from noise ponder realm...Curious kiss from this fish can overwhelm some...
Jennibellie: Whatever it takes
yet jeff: Bree's very aware of the tough procedure.
yet jeff: The mermaid who's an eidolon is Mermeidolon...
yet jeff: Pressure, stress, feeling intense,
yet jeff: Paranormal wreaked theater (related to the reaper)?
Jennibellie: Visual Journal Page
yet jeff: These critters watch a painting and a movie about Earth
yet jeff: Silhouettes of pets on many a perch.
yet jeff: Where this trip is leading to: i don't know. It has its own way of not letting go...
yet jeff: Bleeder Grove feather waterfall, streaming thoughts oddball,
yet jeff: Bleeder Grove streaming thoughts oddball...evolving for a long haul
andreacastorrini: Spesso ipotizzo di prenotare una suite per i miei pensieri, nel tentativo di liberarmene
andreacastorrini: Incidenza dei ricordi
andreacastorrini: IMG_20160606_144443
andreacastorrini: Itinerari della bellezza
andreacastorrini: Testa fra le nuvole (magrittiane)
yet jeff: Pre-Ketchup Island Trip
andreacastorrini: La sensibilità aiuta, la sensibilità ammazza
andreacastorrini: Salvezza metaforica
yet jeff: Smudge stream sample, soundscape channel