wertheim: I thought he was going to leave breadcrumbs...
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Edge and corner wear: Trophy House Honolulu HI
Edge and corner wear: Like Like Drive Inn Honolulu HI
Edge and corner wear: Charley's Fishing Supply Honolulu HI February 1980
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mitsushiro-nakagawa: All the lights of the city are on.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: The falling light.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Blue light.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Everything In Its Right Place.
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mitsushiro-nakagawa: NO TURN = STREET MUSICIAN.
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Side road of Hermes.
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mitsushiro-nakagawa: CLEARANCE 6’ 9’’
mitsushiro-nakagawa: Yellow path.
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mitsushiro-nakagawa: Streetlight and male back.
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