rwkphotos: Little Egret
411 Operator: Leaves leaves and more leaves
411 Operator: Larch Cone
411 Operator: Looking east - Goat River
411 Operator: Looking west - Goat River
sminky_pinky100 (In and Out): BRIDGING THE SEASONS | TATAMAGOUCHE
Bert CR: Afterglow
jon_spalding: October in the islands
Ernie Fischhofer: Waterton Lakes in the Fall
ctberney: Uh oh, here we go
TiP-TO: Island Lake conservation area
TiP-TO: Island Lake conservation area
TiP-TO: Island Lake conservation area
Hank888: Elk
SorinNechita: Walking paths
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)
catecuerden: Wedding in the fall
veephilion: The "majestic magpie"...
Sharon's Shotz: If I stare at the dish long enough perhaps seeds will appear
isteeves: Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
danielwgibson12: Lake Vernon through the trees.
danielwgibson12: The awakening sun lights up the hill behind our house.
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Hollinger Tailings Pond Access Road
shireye: Beatty Brothers Ringer Washing Machine
Chi Ken Yeung: Parliamentary Protective Service
AirWing46: Air Canada Rouge A320-214 C-GFCH
ctberney: Look what my camera did for me today!
David England: Garden City Lands - October Afternoon
David England: Grey Sea Island Day
veephilion: A Northern Flicker in the Hawthorn tree....