zweiblumen: Royal Worcester Teapot and Sugar Bowl
AdamCohn: Woman with Hot Tea, Monywa Myanmar Step 7 blue butterfly pea cheesecake lan-gui-ren-teapro Anxi Ben Shan Oolong
zweiblumen: Oriental Teapot
Hideki-I: tea and cake
★OZZZYLOT★: Kouzu: Macha Lemonade
Jen's Photography: 2 puff o steam
Jen's Photography: 1 sepia-tea
Kevin Turinsky: The Forest in my Tea
BrandyVSOP: Twinings English Breakfast Tea
MLP PhotoBlog: ELSKA COFFEE [VILNIUS] Teapro monthly tea subscripton Fruit Tisane Health benefits - Teapro Strawberries and Cream tisane cooler Teapro Orange Sunshine Fruit Tisane recipe by Teapro Teapro Yerba Mate August Box teapro giveaway contest 12 months of tea subscription worth over $370
BrandyVSOP: This is the second teapot I picked up the other night, sitting along with my English teacup. It's a 3 cup drones are pot glazed inside and out. Funny, many years ago my families import shop sold those little replacement teapot handles. 😀
BrandyVSOP: My new English Tea Cup and Japaneses Teapot
zweiblumen: Red Flowery Teapot
copperknob2011: At the Street Party, Dorking
copperknob2011: Gerry's Coffee House
Shah Hobbyist Photographer: Relaxing @Boh Sg Palas