inyathi: Southern ground hornbill, Katavi National Park, Tanzania
Ted Humphreys Nature: Jay latches on to something below
cbrozek21: Should we take bath as well?
douwesvincent: Motacilla alba / White Wagtail / witte kwikstaart
Perkins-Boyer Photos: Goliath Heron
FergalSandra: Oystercatcher Annagassan harbour
FergalSandra: Greenshank Dundalk docks
FergalSandra: Guillemot Clogherhead
Caracalla9: Starling and Flowers.
littlebiddle: Two pair of Green-Winged Teals
littlebiddle: Verdin
littlebiddle: Showing who is the boss
littlebiddle: Give the blue a wide berth
littlebiddle: All alone am I
Through The Big Lens: Western reef heron
Syed F Abbas: River tern (Sterna aurantia)
Syed F Abbas: River tern (Sterna aurantia)
Syed F Abbas: River tern (Sterna aurantia)
josemph: Zorzal real.
Hawkeye2011: Mounted Police in Stanley Park
wesleybarr1962: A little Varied
johnatkins2008: Great Spotted Woodpecker in the rain 27/10/20.
douwesvincent: Luscinia svecica / Bluethroat / blauwborst
douwesvincent: Linaria cannabina / Eurasian Linnet / kneu
Caracalla9: Common yellowthroat warbler female.
FergalSandra: Black Guillemot Clogherhead
FergalSandra: Redshank V the Tide
FergalSandra: Dundalk Docks Teal
Tony Worrall: Line of ducks on the canal