zentrinity: "Wilderness is not a Luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit"
blather44: A coons eye view
zentrinity: eden (explored)
blather44: Boredom is a scary thing....
zentrinity: "Firestarter" hello my flickr friends... had the urge to do a Halloween edit. Miss everyone!!!
wjserson: I'm Wet!
wjserson: Denon DP-300F and Ortofon 2M Red 1 (B&W)
wjserson: Mmmm... lunch!
Randy Durrum: Rowers in Dingle Harbor, Ireland
Randy Durrum: Lake Geneva by Lausanne, Switzerland
Randy Durrum: Fake police car in "Hot Fuzz" film setup
got 2 dance: "Wait for You" final pose
got 2 dance: The flower and the tutu
Joyful Monster.: I hate that I make
Chrisser: Beautiful Mitzi Picnik
Chrisser: Sweet Mitzi Cuddling In My Lap Picnik
Chrisser: Margarita Island Picnik
Chrisser: Cute Mitzi Picnik
Chrisser: Herby Picnik
Chrisser: Mitzi In Paper Bag Picnik
got 2 dance: Cariñosa
got 2 dance: Precious feet
got 2 dance: long afternoon
kelley_leigh: __________
got 2 dance: A night for the earth
comexe: 1 Maggio 2012 - Ombre
comexe: 1 Maggio 2012 - Sempre più Vittime Sul Lavoro e Per il Lavoro
comexe: Ricominciare a vivere.........almeno provarci.
smallsmallsand: 14.Steamed shrimps & grilled shrimps - Vung Tau