jm atkinson: Winter's Margin
Maxi 66: Möwe
sbox: Clouds In My Coffee..
Milly M.: Cow Parsley
Petefromstaffs: Duck Egg Breakfast at Lavender Cottage
Maxi 66: Manni
Nick Kenrick..: My Eyes have seen you
scilit: River Otter in Winter
Country Photos: Surviving the Elements....
jm atkinson: Jay's Plot
Nick Kenrick..: ... as when your eyes Close upon the gift of life
berber hoving: bracelet
Betty Jo ♥: foxglove
vittorio.chiampan: The lamppost on the lake
Sh4un65_Artistry: Left Alone
skagitrenee: Feather Float
Patti Deters: Swan Square #1 - Morning Display
Patti Deters: Lion Roar
d-day buff: Eastern Bluebird ala texture
Karsten Gieselmann: Visite à la Brasserie d'amour
fine art by Christy: Butterfly Heaven
malessaart: Flasks with history (1)
Crusty Da Klown: Like snow in summer
vittorio.chiampan: The prisons of the castle