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Find The Apex: Bucephalandra Black Pearl
SrHectorA: Mom&sonwt
SrHectorA: Mom&songrdn
SrHectorA: Grapes
TrevKerr: The contrast .... strawberry and spaghetti !
TrevKerr: The weekly produce .....
Loki7777: Bee trapped
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mike j wilson: St Leonards church. Frankley.
TrevKerr: What does your garden grow ?
Steve Pinnick: High key portrait
TrevKerr: Ahhhhh !
TrevKerr: Ahhh it's Monday again !
elielsoaresdasilva: LIGHTHOUSE
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ITEPfoto: MMA.jpg
Will Kimeria: self Portrait
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TrevKerr: That boy again !
TrevKerr: Just a humble walnut .... but all the way from Angoisse , France !
Ian Johnston LRPS: "Nope that did not work, he is still the same... whats plan B ?"
TrevKerr: Will this rain ever stop ! Even the woodpecker is depressed !
Bright Ideas with Chan Udarbe: Three Stars and a Sun 190609A2365