jijake1977: When the Wheels Come Off!
thomasgorman1: Sunset wave
Fizzik.LJ: Sunset at Nof Yam Beach
stefanamsterdam: Blackbeach near Vik(without tourists)
drpeterrath: Poipu, Kauai at Sunset.
rafas passions: our deep blue ocean
jijake1977: Let me show you how it's done!
Sabine-Barras: On n'enferme pas le vent...
Den Rob: Auckland Port and City as Day turns to night
ed.50: daybreak, Shipwreck's Beach
Den Rob: little boats
mswan777: Wave Washing
LichenSea: Bayswater Beach Provincial Park
Den Rob: People and dogs on Milford beach, winter sunset
Den Rob: Rangitoto from Milford Beach, winter evening ...
Mïk: Columbia meets Pacific
Bryan Sharpe: Rockpools
rafas passions: surfing the kite
mrichter59: Wave3
mrichter59: Wave1
mrichter59: Wave2
Singingstone48: 8859 Big wave and curl in Haleiwa Bay, Oahu
mswan777: Heading Out
rafas passions: welcome new day
Gaw': Tsunami
rafas passions: down by the rocks
tubblesnap: Near Durdle Door
ed.50: Shipwreck's Beach