♡~Kelly~♡ busy RL: timeless .....
• Owen Cann •: L O O K • F O R • T H E • B E A U T Y
arol lightfoot ♥: I'm his girl ♥
Enzo Santana: Secrets
Tyler Oysternatz: The prodigal son
Javo l DOUX: very special ♥
Enzo Santana: Apocalypse
Enzo Santana: Your letters
kawaiilian.resident: LAQ Trinity Head
oxek2014 (inworld oxek): Hey I need a love right now
Callie Hamelin: I made you a mixtape...
=PM=: Fruits....It Does Your Body Good !!
Enzo Santana: The solitude of the sea
inworld: oomiyuoo: I'd rather be on my own
Enzo Santana: Can't you see me , really look at me
Cyruss Diesel: Fighting with the shadows in your head...
Krys Vita: The Fall
Anna Ivanovna: #artvsartist
Sang Blackthorne: About a girl...
SpartinParx: darkness that hides in the light