HyperBob: So this is what happened to my bike
Fab and World: Upside down makes sky fishes
Fab and World: Nous sommes Charlie. On tue presque toute la rédaction d'un journal. C'est abjecte. C'est une violence à l'humanité. #jesuischarlie #Charlie #charliehebdo La haine ne doit pas vaincre. La haine ne mène à rien. #soutien #liberté #freedom
HyperBob: Walking on thin ice
guillaume Luque: Traction
guillaume Luque: hou...hou
behind-Eyes: place to go
Kickelina: Happy X-mas!
HyperBob: Now I lay me down to rest
guillaume Luque: bien fraiche
behind-Eyes: hide-and-seek
behind-Eyes: shopping
behind-Eyes: toward South 01
behind-Eyes: found solace
behind-Eyes: a feeling at a given time
an to nin: IK\\
behind-Eyes: summer festival 09
behind-Eyes: I have a dream 02
Steven Eric Parker: C l e a r i n g
Steven Eric Parker: In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
behind-Eyes: contingency situation
MJ Reilly: "Move him into the sun - Gently its touch awoke him once,..." Futility, Wilfred Owen
MJ Reilly: "Les Ravages du Temps", La Vieille Gare, Grasse
behind-Eyes: eyes open before sleeping again
MJ Reilly: A Bull's eye view, Bullring, Valencia
behind-Eyes: Don't pray to pray
N@th: Fleur de Lys
behind-Eyes: what she sees