Mr Joseph Bloggs: 37714, Quorn, 29 June 2019
Conrailman: Amtrak EMD F40PH 321
Alex Drennan: 977994
Alex Drennan: 975984
Alex Drennan: 977993
Alex Drennan: 977984
honker100: "Paint it Black", 52322 and 45337 work past Burrs, ELR, (Scanned image).
cfl1969: HLE 1352 + IC 2140, Beuzet, 22 August 2019
Christian Aubert 1977: 111 123-6 Nürnberg AO 14.03.19
Superbock.: NS 186 xxx Moerdijk 20 augustus 2019
Trainiac: Tramways de la Sarthe
Alex Drennan: 91101 "The flying scotsman"
Sascha Oehlckers: MSN MRCE ES64F4-085 - Elze
wesleyparsons: A late 3MA8 slowing down at Adelaide showgrounds NR121
wesleyparsons: 6AM8 curving around from belair station into fosters corner NR41
wesleyparsons: AK82 ARTC's rail maintenance at dry creek with NR74 Ghan loco on the front
wesleyparsons: 4DA8E at Dudley pk NR109, NR18
wesleyparsons: Southern encounter arriving into Victor Habour with 621 Duke of Edinburgh
wesleyparsons: 1AD8 passing through dry creek on a rainy day NR109, NR19
wesleyparsons: 4DA8E curving around into sailsbury NR74, NR75
wesleyparsons: 7MA8 curves around Callington curve for the last time for 2018 NR110
wesleyparsons: Double Camel 1AD8 passing through yorkeys crossing NR74 NR109
wesleyparsons: 1AD8 the ghan at dry creek heading off to Darwin NR109 & NR74 23/07/17
wesleyparsons: 4SA8 just crawling into Adelaide Parklands Terminal on it's 4,352km from Sydney to Perth
wesleyparsons: 4DA8 Ghan at mile end coming to an end of its 2979K journey from it top end NR109, NR94
wesleyparsons: 7MA8 curves in to fosters corner NR110
wesleyparsons: 1AD8 the ghan first ghan for 2018 NR75, NR 109