soyokazeojisan: DSC00397C Urban space
Oliver Matyo: Zürich
marratime: Porta Portese particolare elab bn01
christikren: silver & black
marratime: globo romanina01 bn
stu ART photo (taking a break): Taking a break - may be a while before I'm back
dr_marvel: Former Merchants & Manufacturers Building (1930), now University of Houston-Downtown campus (infrared)
Zé Lobato: two hats against the sidewalk
christikren: the cyclist and the wall
paolo.luxardo: chiavari
dieterein: headquarter
pascalcolin1: In the dim light
dr_marvel: KBR Tower, Houston (infrared)
Markos T: DSC00653
MelvillePhotography: Jaguar Lights and Car Emblem
Nene Minetti: Milano in colours 2020 LeicaM262+Leitz Wetzlar Summicron 40mm/f2.0
soyokazeojisan: DSC08083C Urban space
Warsaw Street: Warsaw 2018
tom-s: Centraal Station Antwerpen
pascalcolin1: In the flash
Transformer18: Tristesse
soyokazeojisan: DSC08057B Urban space
Manita.: *Staycation*
photosgabrielle: urbanitude - au-delà du réel
christikren: ... the gallery II ...