GrimoirePhoto.: Four Pigeons
GrimoirePhoto.: Low Down
GrimoirePhoto.: North Chicago Lumber Company
GrimoirePhoto.: Fishbone
GrimoirePhoto.: Bleeding Rust
GrimoirePhoto.: Catch a Breath
GrimoirePhoto.: My Grandfather's song, 1936 (link in comments)
GrimoirePhoto.: Above the Sea
GrimoirePhoto.: Embraces
GrimoirePhoto.: Separation
GrimoirePhoto.: Green Herring Illinois
GrimoirePhoto.: Luna's Eyes
GrimoirePhoto.: Comedy of Tragedy
GrimoirePhoto.: BlownOut
GrimoirePhoto.: The Siren of Lake Michigan
GrimoirePhoto.: Love Pink
GrimoirePhoto.: "New Friends" Video (Link in description)
GrimoirePhoto.: Jimmy Cliff at Ravinia. HIGHland Park, Illinois, 2012
GrimoirePhoto.: "New Friends" a new song by Slim Grim, featuring my 9 year old son Chris, on Drums. Link in Description
GrimoirePhoto.: La Niebla de Ayer
GrimoirePhoto.: In a Fog
GrimoirePhoto.: Pop Filter
GrimoirePhoto.: Great Lakes Naval Base - Illinois
GrimoirePhoto.: Gilmer Rd.