garlandcannon: Shadows Chez Moi
garlandcannon: Les Ombres Chez Moi
garlandcannon: Mysterious Splurges
garlandcannon: Shades of Turquoise
garlandcannon: Oranges and Ice
garlandcannon: I'm Dreaming of a Dinosaur Christmas
garlandcannon: Resolutions: 1. Swim in the sunshine. 2. Fill buckets in the rain. 3. Mix together wisdom of science and sentient beings. 4. Lose ten pounds!
garlandcannon: Singing Auld Lang Syne
garlandcannon: Bending tree at Bark Park Alamo Heights
garlandcannon: Sinterklaas and Co.
garlandcannon: Run Run As Fast As You Can
garlandcannon: The Clauses Have Come to Visit and Brought Their Dogs
garlandcannon: Yule World
garlandcannon: My Pecan Work Station
garlandcannon: Opportunities for Pecan Harvesting
garlandcannon: Menu for Our Thanksgiving Dinner
garlandcannon: Pecan Labor of Love
garlandcannon: Pecan Pitcher
garlandcannon: Pecan Shells for Mulch
garlandcannon: Pecan Tree Paradise
garlandcannon: Pecan Tree Propinquity
garlandcannon: Pecan Tree World
garlandcannon: Pecans Pickings
garlandcannon: Thanksful for Pecan Trees
garlandcannon: William Ephraim Cannon and Muriel Brinley Morris Smith, Michael's Cannon grandparents, probably in the 1950s
garlandcannon: Charm Invests a Face
garlandcannon: Friendship
garlandcannon: Turtle
garlandcannon: Warm Outside
garlandcannon: In the Last Stages of Packing