garlandcannon: The Gardens at Bowie by Greg
garlandcannon: Alamo Front Wall
garlandcannon: Mural Wall
garlandcannon: Outdoor Glass Wall
garlandcannon: Photography Mishap
garlandcannon: Aftican chair
garlandcannon: Student desk side view
garlandcannon: Comfortable recliner
garlandcannon: From the Back
garlandcannon: Orange Napkin Repetition
garlandcannon: Warm Colored Beads
garlandcannon: Pearls Overflowing
garlandcannon: Wild grape leaves
garlandcannon: Repeating Pearls
garlandcannon: Greek Key Repetition
garlandcannon: Repetition
garlandcannon: Geomagnetic jerks
garlandcannon: Cookie Cup Texture
garlandcannon: Ozma's birthday Aug. 21 pics mostly from 2008
garlandcannon: Not a Tribble
garlandcannon: Lions mane mushroom
garlandcannon: Trunk of Sago Cycad
garlandcannon: Faux Flower and Gems
garlandcannon: Faux Sunflower Real Caladium
garlandcannon: Pink and Blue Plus Snail Shell
garlandcannon: Sago Cycad Cone -- Older Than Dinosaurs
garlandcannon: Oz Fairy Glinda's Hair Hanging Over Her Back
garlandcannon: Doll hair hanging over her vase home
garlandcannon: Down in the West Texas Town of El Paso
garlandcannon: Hanging over