Gabbcan: Elf Jazz
Gabbcan: Jazzito y el sol
Gabbcan: The many faces of laziness
Gabbcan: Bon Appétit!
Gabbcan: Rain, rain, go away
Gabbcan: My furry spy
Gabbcan: Crowned Cranes
Gabbcan: Jazz, the tomcat
Gabbcan: The joy of Summer
Gabbcan: Military Hospital (Abente y Lago)
Gabbcan: Who says fatty?
Gabbcan: Mr. June / Mister Junio
Gabbcan: Elasticity
Gabbcan: Jazz is a big boy now :))
Gabbcan: April Fool. "Hurry mom, I see a huge and weird bird !!"
Gabbcan: Tanning time
Gabbcan: Whooooa! I feel good! Thanks Mr. Sun
Gabbcan: Hiya there! Happy Spring to everyone!
Gabbcan: Jazz and the silly electric toy
Gabbcan: zzzz
Gabbcan: Any candidate?
Gabbcan: Jazz in my bedroom, testing HIS new fur rug
Gabbcan: Thank you mom, this present is great!
Gabbcan: Jazz listening to the birdies
Gabbcan: My lovely boy Jazz
Gabbcan: The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they do everything the best they can
Gabbcan: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, my dear Flickr friends!
Gabbcan: Mom, tell the sun to not even dare leaving
Gabbcan: RIP Rocky / December 2003-December 2011
Gabbcan: I thought mom Gabby had forgotten my "Christmas hat moment" this year but here I am again