Deborah Kotovsky: IMGP6552-2
Deborah Kotovsky: IMGP8057-1
Deborah Kotovsky: IMGP8821-2
JaaniicB: Winter's last gasps
JaaniicB: Nature is starting to bloom
JaaniicB: Rusty
JaaniicB: Grasshopper
JaaniicB: Mittens eyeing the birds
durand clark: Foggy Ohio River view from Oneonta, Kentucky
durand clark: Stockheughter Covered Bridge in Indiana
durand clark: CSX divides Augusta, Kentucky
durand clark: Empty Farm Implement Building in Kentucky
durand clark: Historical downtown Maysville, Kentucky
durand clark: Third Street Maysville, Kentucky
durand clark: Louisville & Nashville RR Bridge
durand clark: Carroll Lee Cropper Arched Span Interstate Bridge
durand clark: Mansion with a view of the Ohio River
durand clark: Hillside Mansion in Maysville, Kentucky
Graziphotography: Fisherman25
Graziphotography: SmChurch43
BC'S4ME: Quote from a favorite old song, ”Keep your head to the sky”
BC'S4ME: A visit to the Equine Vet, for check up’s, & teeth floating. What a day...
BC'S4ME: The water cooler
BC'S4ME: In Gods Country