Flowscine: I don't know anything and I always feel too much. Is this life worth living? As long as I hear the melody in my heart, yes. If your heart no longer speaks to you, then what will be? - then I won't be anymore
Flowscine: Why it is valuable to love other people? Because it's our nature. It is not a religion, but it is the TRUTH. There is no life without love, compassion and freedom. Mother nature and the stars in the sky did everything for you - what did you done for them?
Flowscine: I am not interested in origin and skin color, I leave traces in life - and if i fail at everything else, may my love forever remind you, that you were always enough
Flowscine: They would have to sew up my mouth to prevent me from screaming it out, remember sequences of music, but never what my teachers told me - i find hope in dead flowers just as i do in the wounded hearts that attempt to love again
Flowscine: There´s weight enclosed in this heart. I feel it forcing beat through stone and concrete. It uplift me and reminds me I'm not as cold as I pass off to be; I'm just that fearful of showing how vulnerable i really am
Flowscine: We are just creatures of desire, under a blanket of stars. Trying to get it right without the slightest clue. And the magic of its all is that no one knows the answer to love
Flowscine: There is peace in loneliness. As if that alone wasn't enough. She gives you personality and teaches you to love other people. Nevertheless, please never forget - it takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes EVERYTHING to stand alone
Flowscine: Whatever all people say about you - be yourself, everything else doesn't matter. And yes, hope is meaningless - just have heart
Flowscine: For my beloved friend Lanne
Flowscine: Love letter to the universe: It wasn't your presence that brought meaning to my life, but the way you touched my heart gave my life a beautiful meaning ❤
Flowscine: Rarely you can do what you were born to do - sharing love. And be assured - no matter what people say to you, who have never been touched by love - it is and remains a blessing - who doesn't understand, has never really lived
Flowscine: In my dreams I'm happy and can let myself go - wake up Flow
Flowscine: Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Remember, when you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow.
Flowscine: He can juggle. He has helped me through many difficult times in my own life and he was always there when I needed him. Please hold on to your loyal friends - you will not meet many in your life
Flowscine: My dear mother, with all my heart i love you ...
Flowscine: From the book of life: It is not about living as long as possible, it is about living with devotion and mindfulness. All people are equal before death. He doesn't care who you are or how much money you can eat - when it is there, you are no longer there
Flowscine: If you are have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others living beings, then you will be seen by her - please never take anything for granted, everything is filled with life. Trust me, Mother Nature forgets nothing.
Flowscine: Ignorance and arrogant complacency never created anything, they are just silent cries for attention from poor souls. Make mistakes, happroach other people and have courage, forgive other people and please don´t ever be machinery
Flowscine: Every day live is a lesson, i'm never too busy to writing my story - i've got visions in my dreams - love - that's me. I hate bad luck, nobody should happen to that. I try to save all people - if you are real, i will see you
Flowscine: What about christmas? Every single day is a gift - whenever you feel something, please don't be afraid to say it or to do it - one thing you learn when you're dying is not to hold anything back
Flowscine: Dreams and hopes, feelings and disappointments, this and that - whenever I threaten to fall, life itself catches me, envelops me in love and would never let me down
Flowscine: I want to lose myself in the music, give my soul to art, forget that I have a name and become the kind of beautiful that is only found in the heart
Flowscine: People say, nobody loves no one. That is not true! Thanks to my followers - I'm nothing special, I'm like you. The truth is, your love carries me. Im very greatful willing your time on me. Please always remember - good things happen ❤
Flowscine: I've recently heard someone talk about being good with people. At that moment I realized that I can not handle people perfectly - but i can feel them with my heart and that makes me very happy
Flowscine: Some people say they are too old to change things. Nevertheless history teaches us, that all people share the same fate. We always look up to the stars - one day we will become their dust. Why I tell you all this? Because changes do not know any age.
Flowscine: If you don´t have a vision of where you´re going, you drift around and never end up anywhere - stand for something in your life, do not forget to see with your heart and do not lose your smile
Flowscine: Raise your words, not your voice - it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder
Flowscine: I see beauty in everything but me. I make too many mistakes in my life for that - but it was not a mistake to make friends, cause they bring out the best in me
Flowscine: Before my dear mother gave birth to me, i was surrounded by darkness
Flowscine: Doin' Time