Flownage: View from the plane
Flownage: Flying to Fukuoka!
Flownage: Final shot from my hotel room
Flownage: Cocktail at Sheraton
Flownage: Same friends
Flownage: Me and some friends
Flownage: Me and Jihyon
Flownage: More view
Flownage: View from the hotel room
Flownage: Iced coffee
Flownage: Meal with Korean Air
Flownage: Peaceful path
Flownage: Pagoda of some sort
Flownage: The Westin Qingdao
Flownage: Another panaroma shot
Flownage: The old city
Flownage: The yacht harbour
Flownage: Lake and dam
Flownage: Waterfall
Flownage: Chinese character
Flownage: Temple courtyard
Flownage: Mountain road
Flownage: Temple
Flownage: Another one
Flownage: iPhone panaroma shot
Flownage: Qingdao waterfront
Flownage: On my way in to China
Flownage: Back home
Flownage: Nuclear plant from the plane
Flownage: A monument about the Gestapo