Voice_from_within: A colonial rest house
Voice_from_within: At the barrage
Voice_from_within: A century or more old.
Voice_from_within: Fog, river and a dam
Voice_from_within: Boat at dusk
Voice_from_within: River Jhelum at Rasul Barrage
Voice_from_within: A life in waiting
Voice_from_within: The coat seller
Voice_from_within: Tollinton Market Lahore
Voice_from_within: An uninvited guest
Voice_from_within: Waiting for the signal
Voice_from_within: Tomb of Mughal (governor) of Lahore
Voice_from_within: Wazir Khan Mosque
Voice_from_within: Red and Green
Voice_from_within: Spring in Lahore
Voice_from_within: Ready for weekend
Voice_from_within: By the reservoir
Voice_from_within: Chicken BBQ Galore
Voice_from_within: The Apostles
Voice_from_within: Ancient Oaks
Voice_from_within: A church in Melbourne, Australia
Voice_from_within: BRBD Canal near Lahore
Voice_from_within: A desolate railway platform
Voice_from_within: Colonial Architecture
Voice_from_within: Yellow beauties
Voice_from_within: After the train