eymcgee: Beautiful in Copenhagen
eymcgee: Munich Morning Voyeur
eymcgee: Hollyhocks in Bloom
eymcgee: Alter piece at Five Tower Church in Kalundborg, Denmark
eymcgee: 500 year old dog print
eymcgee: Kalundborg, Denmark.
eymcgee: Yellow house in Kalundborg, Denmark.
eymcgee: Married in Copenhagen
eymcgee: Carlsberg Byen Gold Discs
eymcgee: Let’s Get a Drink
eymcgee: Bad Ass French Horn
eymcgee: Flowering Tree
eymcgee: Living Room Love
eymcgee: Kitchen with a View
eymcgee: Slice of Heaven
eymcgee: Follow Your Path
eymcgee: Moonrise
eymcgee: The exterior of Saint Stephan’s Cathedral
eymcgee: Inside Saint Stephan’s Domkirke
eymcgee: Rapeseed Fields
eymcgee: Pink Tree in Vesterbro
eymcgee: Copenhagen Apartment Interior with Chair
eymcgee: The interior of an apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark.
eymcgee: Sunset in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
eymcgee: A winter wedding at Frederiksberg Slot in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
eymcgee: Clarinet Player
eymcgee: It Kinda Snowed
eymcgee: Trumpeter in India
eymcgee: Mumbai Apartments
eymcgee: New Years Eve