evans.photo: Heads Down
evans.photo: Tired Dad
evans.photo: A Bit Distracted...
evans.photo: A Bit Dubious
evans.photo: Tube Faces
evans.photo: Silhouetted Selfie
evans.photo: Look Up!
evans.photo: A Wet Afternoon In Barmouth
evans.photo: Animated Conversation
evans.photo: Bored Waiter
evans.photo: Chillin'
evans.photo: Worried
evans.photo: Phones
evans.photo: On The Phone
evans.photo: WiFi Spot
evans.photo: Slumped
evans.photo: Put The Phone Away!
evans.photo: Togetherness?
evans.photo: Waiting For A Taxi
evans.photo: Mask
evans.photo: Better On A screen?
evans.photo: Selfie-Stick Girls
evans.photo: Goodbyes
evans.photo: 170814
evans.photo: 080814
evans.photo: On Pier Street
evans.photo: 190614
evans.photo: Happy Texter