evans.photo: The Puddle
evans.photo: Snoozing
evans.photo: Pacing The Platform
evans.photo: Goodbyes
evans.photo: Lost
evans.photo: Praying For A Taxi?
evans.photo: Station Shadows
evans.photo: 091214
evans.photo: Reluctant To Part.
evans.photo: Station
evans.photo: 240614
evans.photo: Lone Traveller
evans.photo: Rusting Pillar
evans.photo: Hanging Around The Station
evans.photo: 201112
evans.photo: 080114
evans.photo: Scavenger
evans.photo: Young Gull
evans.photo: Animated Conversation
evans.photo: Greetings
evans.photo: Just Waiting
evans.photo: 081114
evans.photo: 310814
evans.photo: 290814b
evans.photo: 080814
evans.photo: Morning Deliveries
evans.photo: 190714
evans.photo: 080714