evans.photo: Freedom Monument
evans.photo: Too much choice
evans.photo: That was nice....
evans.photo: St.Peters again....I think...
evans.photo: Gareth and his Bessa
evans.photo: Street Corner
evans.photo: Evening Wandering
evans.photo: Bike
evans.photo: Evening Wander
evans.photo: Cluttered Doorway
evans.photo: Pigeons On A Wall
evans.photo: Walking Home
evans.photo: Architecture
evans.photo: Sphinx
evans.photo: Graffiti
evans.photo: Graffiti
evans.photo: Riga Doorway
evans.photo: Graffiti
evans.photo: Blue Lock
evans.photo: Blue Graffiti
evans.photo: Nice Blue Graffiti
evans.photo: In the Park
evans.photo: View From St. Peter's
evans.photo: View From St. Peter's
evans.photo: Orthodox Cathedral
evans.photo: It is Rules....
evans.photo: At The Exhibition
evans.photo: Drink Sir?
evans.photo: Preparing Food